Overcoming the Execution Challenges of Mission-Critical Projects


Only about one in six companies’ mission-critical projects consistently achieve their key goals. However, companies embracing a more enlightened approach to project leadership can deliver meaningful business gains. Discover the secrets of successful project execution leaders in this preview of our latest research.

Survey data from senior executives at 404 large global companies reveals top challenges of executing mission-critical projects and provides valuable guidance for overcoming them. Key findings include:

  • By 2024, surveyed companies predict they will have a nearly equal number of employees and outsiders on their critical project teams (52% employees vs. 48% outsiders).
  • Companies that have mastered hybrid and organizationally diverse project work say they have gained a competitive advantage. 
  • 77% of respondents believe they would have a big competitive advantage if their project leaders were highly effective.
Preview our key findings:

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