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Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Although the labor market may be “in balance,” supply and demand are not evenly distributed.

August 2023

Mind the Gap

With nearly 1.6 jobs for every available worker, employers need to get creative to bring in needed skills.

JULY 2023

Slight cooling trend

No news is good news? What the latest job numbers might mean…

JUNE 2023

Labor’s lucky number: 339,000

How far can an elastic labor market stretch without snapping?

MAY 2023

Key roles hard to fill, even as hiring slows

Amid the topsy-turvy labor market, demand for outside talent is expected to increase 21% to 30% over the next decade. 

APRIL 2023

Shifting strategies for a changing workforce

“We’re seeing the rise of the portfolio-based professional with talent betting on themselves rather than being tied to one organization….”

MARCH 2023

Celebrating women in the workforce

See why RGP has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers …


Jobs surge, layoffs & project execution

What gives? And how can leaders overcome the challenges to execute mission-critical projects?

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